urban renaissance

spring/summer 2012


Sarmite Ostanevica’s third collection titled Urban Renaissance is a collection of garments for the modern woman; a hybrid of classical elegance and contemporary culture. In this collection Sarmite reinvents her signature emphasis on tailoring with renaissance characteristics of ideal beauty and innovative design. Such as the Renaissance was the rebirth of classical ideals Sarmite’s Urban Renaissance collection is a reinvention of urban style stereotypes.


Drawing inspiration from the Italian movement Sarmite has taken a classical ideal and re-interpreted it into something truly inspiring. This line is for women who are not satisfied emulating style but are willing to take an ideal of beauty in both hands and add their own personal twist. It is a range for the contemporary woman; a woman who is not only interested in history, art, philosophy and beauty but a woman who wants to absorb the world around her and create something unique with what is on offer.


The line takes classical garment shapes and transforms them into art nouveau. Through the use of lightweight fabrics such as light cotton and silk the formal structure of the garment is given a sensuous delicateness. The use of neutral shades in contrast with rich trims of green, orange and blue compliment and accentuate the line of design drawing attention to the garments integrity and strength. The hemlines are kept above the knee keeping the style chic and elegant. Sarmite wants these garments to inspire their wearer whether she is in the office or attending a cocktail event. The garments are not only designed to be simply worn but are designed to emulate their wearers innovative style.

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